Redefining Motherhood

motherhood resources Sep 20, 2016

Motherhood is a role that is constantly being redefined. As economies change, as sexism and classism get addressed, as women’s oppression is recognized and lifted, women become empowered and can decide what is best for them. Thus, motherhood changes.

What would have to change in your definition of motherhood in order for you to choose it? What would have to change in order for you to choose a childfree life? If you could step outside your comfort zone and redefine motherhood, how would you want motherhood defined today? Or what would you like it to look like? Take some time to answer this question for yourself. You may want to begin a personal journal of self-discovery and write about this question. Or you may just prefer to notice the feelings that surface with the question itself.

Your new definition of motherhood may be very different from what you witnessed growing up. Or it may vary from the parenting you see today. How do you think your mother would have defined motherhood when you were young? Just thinking about your definition of motherhood will help you touch what’s true for you and will definitely contribute to knowing yourself that much better.