Fatherhood Clarity Course™

I often hear men say, “I’m ok either way. Whatever my partner wants will work for me.”

Your true desire matters!
You deserve to find out what’s true for you. Gain clarity in 14 short weeks.

Not being able to decide is more complex than mere external circumstances.

Whether you're single or partnered and of any sexual orientation, cultural background, or age, I invite you into this program to discover what's true for you.

If you're in a couple having differences in your desires about parenting, it's useful for each of you to explore this issue individually. This allows for each person to have a confidential and uncensored experience.

The Fatherhood Clarity Course is based on the Fatherhood-Is it for me? ™ program created in 1991. It's designed to assist you in reaching a deeper understanding of any ambivalence or neutrality you might feel, so that you can take the next step.

This program is for you if you've ever had any of the following thoughts or questions:

  • “Whatever my partner wants will be fine with me. I can go either way!”
  • “I’m scared about never having time for myself and then resenting my child.”
  • “My partner wants children and I don’t, but I don’t want the relationship to end over this.”
  • “I’m an 'only son'. If I don’t have children the family name will end with me.”
  • “I’m afraid I’ll be like my father.”
  • “My parents want grandchildren.”
  • “I never imagined I would have a family or want children. Now I think I want to be a father and my partner doesn't want children.”
  • “Everybody says I’d be a good father. Does that mean I have to be one?”


If you've decided one way or the other but want to feel more excited about your decision, exploring issues of fatherhood is also appropriate for you.

I don't have an agenda for you. I'm not invested in whether or not you become a father. I'm invested in assisting you so that you can make a decision that you feel is best for you.

Yes Ann, I’m ready to –

  • Move forward in my life and stop trying to figure this out in isolation.
  • Stop feeling conflicted and stop figuring out my desire and decision at the same time.
  • Get step-by-step guidance toward a real resolution.
  • Gain more internal calm in my life.

Knowing your truth is your birthright. It’s yours to be had. Let me help you get it.