I bring the utmost respect and compassion to my work.  

My only agenda is my commitment to you being free from confusion and achieving the clarity you seek so you can experience peace, calm, healing and growth.
Parenthood Clarity™ Mentor, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Author

Working with courageous people who are willing to dive deep into discovering their truth is rewarding beyond words! This has been my passion for 30 years, and that passion continues to increase.

I have a special ability to help you get rid of self-limiting beliefs and rigid patterns, expand your capacity to think outside the box, resolve your own internal challenges, and discover your true desire about whether you want to become a mother.

In 1991, Marriage and Family Therapist Denise L. Carlini and I co-created the program, Motherhood-Is it for me?™. We wanted to help women who were experiencing ambivalence about motherhood as there was nowhere these women could go without feeling shame or being judged. We led support groups together for 10 years before I started working with women and men individually. We published our book Motherhood — Is It For Me? Your Step-by-

Step Guide to Clarity in 2016 so everyone can have access to this one of a kind program.

After running small groups in my office, the natural evolution was to begin offering groups online. I created the Motherhood Clarity Course and the Fatherhood Clarity Course to reach women and men in any timezone who feel alone and stuck.

I received my graduate degree from San Francisco State University. I’m a member of the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists (CAMFT). I maintain a successful private psychotherapy practice in the San Francisco Bay area.

Working with Ann

Feeling undecided about parenthood and wondering what to do next?

Curious about how you can work with Ann directly?

If you are wondering whether you should become a parent or remain child-free, Ann has created a short video to help you get clarity on the right next steps for YOU.

She’s included the most common questions she receives and outlines what action steps you can take right now.

Access Your
FREE Video Here

In this video, you’ll discover:

  • Proof you absolutely can make this choice about parenthood
  • The most important questions to ask yourself at this point on your journey, when you’re feeling undecided
  • The common issue of what Ann calls mental gridlock — and how it’s stopping you in your tracks as you try to make your decision
  • The very counterintuitive step you can take to learn new information about what you really want
  • The average time it takes for most people to make a decision that’s right for them
  • Why feeling neutral about what you want is different from feeling ambivalent
  • The information you should keep private from your partner (for now) if you’re partnered
  • What to expect in Ann’s courses, and the differences between the course formats

Scheduling a 1:1 Discovery Session with Ann

You can schedule a 1:1 session with Ann to address your most pressing questions and to help get clarity on your next steps. She’s helped thousands of people who are right where you are.

A few notes before you schedule your session with Ann…

The 1:1 Discovery Session is for individuals only. If you are in a couple, you will each schedule your private sessions separately.

The 1:1 session fee is $300. If you sign up for one of the clarity courses, $200 will be credited to the course of your choice — whether you decide to register for the Motherhood, Fatherhood, or Private Clarity Course.

There are no refunds for cancellations made within 72 hours. If you need to reschedule, your fee will be transferred to your new appointment time.

If you have questions before you schedule your appointment, you can contact Ann directly here.

*If you are pregnant, do not set up a Discovery Session. Instead, email Ann and describe your current situation. You will receive an email from Ann describing your options of how she can help. You’re not alone. Many women reach out to Ann who are pregnant and need to resolve their feelings of ambivalence sooner than later. 

The video on this page offers answers to many of the questions people address in their 1:1 Discovery Session with Ann. If you would still like to schedule an appointment with Ann after watching the video, you can schedule your session here: Meet with Ann.

Clarity Course

As you think deeply about
whether to become a mother, it can be hard to figure out what you actually want — especially when there are so many voices telling you what you should want. You’re not alone.

The good news is, there is a way to decide...


Clarity Course

Not being able to decide if you want to be a father is more complex than your external circumstances.

Whether you’re single or partnered, you can experience a deeper understanding of your inner process and take the next step that’s right for you...


Clarity Course

The Private Clarity Course is perfect for women or men who prefer the privacy of working one-on-one, as well as flexible scheduling. Sessions include 12 private sessions by phone or Zoom along with course materials, exercises, and more.



Still have questions?

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