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article helloflo motherhood motherhood clarity course Sep 11, 2017

It was wonderful to be contacted by Chanel Dubofsky of HelloFlo.com, who wanted to discuss the values and advantages of the Motherhood Clarity Course. The article turned out to be a wonderful profile of the course from a writer who really understood and cared about the course's mission. My absolute favorite line is in the last paragraph:

"Ultimately, what’s most radical about the Motherhood Clarity Course is not even whether or not it leads to a decision about motherhood – it’s that a space has been created to encourage women to connect with what they do and don’t want, especially in regard to something as ingrained as being a parent."

Check out the full article: 

Can A Class Help You Figure Out If You Want To Be A Mom?

Everyone should get the chance to figure out what they really want.

by Chanel Dubofsky


You either know that you want kids, or you know that you don’t. Right? There’s no middle ground, no ambivalence, that’s how people with vaginas are. We are either consumed by baby fever, or we’re childfree, i.e. cold and vacant, with no maternal instincts. The reality, of course, is that how we feel about having kids exists on a continuum, and that not knowing if you want them is a completely natural (and understandable) state.

There are, of course, reasons one might feel pressured to figure it out sooner rather than later. You have a partner who is certain one way or the other, your parents want you to figure it out, you’re becoming keenly aware of the reality of reproductive time, fertility, etc. Maybe you’re exhausted by or ashamed of not knowing, because it seems like everyone around you does know. If only there existed a space where you could talk to other women who weren’t sure if they wanted kids, where you could be open about your fears and hesitation, where you could get really real with yourself, and maybe even arrive at the conclusion that’s right for you.

In 1991, Marriage and Family therapist Ann Davidman and psychotherapist Denise L. Carlini created a course called “Motherhood – Is It For Me?,” designed to help women who were ambivalent about having kids figure out what was true for them.... (Click to continue reading.)