Guided Meditation: Creating a Safe Place to Discover What's True for YOU

creating a safe place guided meditation resources tools Jun 14, 2022

As you think deeply about whether to become a parent, it can be hard to figure out what you actually want — especially when there are so many voices telling you what you should want.

After decades spent teaching, coaching, and counseling those who aren’t sure whether parenthood is for them…

I’ve found that many people don’t realize that it’s actually their birthright to know what’s true for them. They deserve clarity!

You, too, deserve to feel completely clear on what you want most for your life — and it’s not your fault you don’t know right now. 

l invite you to pause for a moment.

Listen in as I guide you to create a little internal spaciousness — the very first step on your journey to discovering what you truly want…


Listen to the Guided Meditation here


Meditation is a powerful tool to explore and come to understand your feelings about making a decision about parenthood (or any decision!). You have the power to create your own safe place where your uncensored, private process to discover what's true can unfold…

No matter how many years you've spent feeling stuck, how complicated your life feels right now, or how dysfunctional your childhood was — you can cultivate the clarity you desire and deserve. 

There's no correct answer. There's only your answer. 

I hope you can take some time to create space for yourself, turn off your phone and notifications, and surround yourself with items that make you feel grounded and joyful as you listen into this short guided meditation. You can refer back to it as often as you need as you nurture the connection with your own inner guidance. Listen above. 

Click here to get the Guided Meditation as a transcript