Do You Want to Be a Parent? Try Answering Ann's 5 Questions

May 23, 2023

During my 30+ years as a Parenthood Clarity Mentor, I’ve noticed that most of my clients and students come to me with a terrible case of mental gridlock.

They feel stuck and hopeless while trying to decide whether to become a parent.

The details of their specific struggles are all different, so how do they all arrive at this same difficult place?

The answer might surprise you!

It’s because they’re trying to figure out their desire and their decision at the same time. They don’t realize it’s just not possible to mull over both of these questions at the same time…

This creates mental gridlock, which feels overwhelming and leads to stress and anxiety…

Thankfully, there’s a solution.

I often start with five foundational questions to help my clients and students focus, relax, and begin the journey to clarity. Now I’m sharing these tried-and-true questions with you.

Grab a pen or your notes app and get ready for a heart-to-heart chat — with yourself — as you answer these questions (video above).

In my Motherhood, Fatherhood, and Private Clarity Courses, I’ll guide you to examine your innermost desires, beliefs, and fears from all angles with bravery and determination.

I’ll be right there with you as unresolved issues rise to the surface and healing takes place.

I’ll show you how to systematically identify your externals — those circumstances of your life including finances, health, age, relationships, support network, fears, and more — that you’ll place in a tightly sealed jar so you can focus on your internal world.

You’ll progress step-by-step towards peace of mind — and a decision that’s right for you with a proven system featuring meditations, mentorship, and live teachings.

As your journey to discover what’s right for you unfolds, you’ll receive powerful insights you can apply right away, so you can cultivate the clarity you deserve.

The next round of Clarity Courses begins in June 2023! Discover all the details of our Motherhood, Fatherhood, and Private Clarity Courses — including our selection of formats.