Discovering Your Heart's Desire About Motherhood

parenthood resources Jun 04, 2016

Have you decided if you’re going to be a parent?

If not, do you know why you haven’t made the decision?

  • Maybe it’s because you’re young and you know you will deal with it later and you believe you have plenty of time to think about it?

  • Maybe you are waiting to meet the right partner or waiting to end a relationship?

  • Maybe you’re almost where you want to be in your career and you just want to put in that extra year or two before having children?

  • Maybe a crisis is brewing in your family and you want to wait until it's over?

  • Maybe you feel a decision will "just happen" so you’re waiting for that time to appear?

For some of us, our real truth is deciding to put off the decision. But if we're guessing why we're putting it off, we could be masking a potential problem.

Deciding whether or not to become a mother is not an easy and light decision. Women often don’t think about this until they feel they have to or the issue is forced by age or a relationship or some other reason. For some of us, it’s hard to think about these things with ease.

If you’re putting off making a decision, I advocate that you know why.

I have no opinion or agenda about whether women should or shouldn’t have children or when it should happen or why a woman would or would not want to become a mother.

My agenda -- my goal -- is to help women discover their heart’s desire and to help them understand where that comes from. If you know your heart’s desire when it becomes time to decide about motherhood, then you already have the information you need to move forward. I counsel women to set time aside early to discover their heart’s desires so that when it’s their time to decide, they've already done the heavy lifting.  

Your heart's desire must be figured out first. It will help you choose an appropriate partner if you’re single, it will provide you clarity of your desires if you're partnered, and it will provide you confidence that your decision is your truth no matter what choice you make.