Champion of Women's Choices Reviews "Motherhood" Book

article book motherhood motherhood clarity course resources Jul 09, 2017

Discovering and connecting with Maryanne Pope is one of those wonderful kismet things that can happen on the Internet -- I discovered Maryanne on Twitter through her fascinating documentary, Whatever Floats Your Boat…Perspectives on Motherhood, about a group of women floating on a houseboat for a weekend discussing whether or not they wanted to become mothers. Maryanne has also written the book A Widow's Awakening about the first year of her grief after the loss of her husband.

Parts of Maryanne's story mirrors my own -- she became a widow before having the children that she thought she'd have with her husband. She struggled whether to continue to try to have her own children. After deciding no, she has continued to blog about the motherhood choices and struggles facing women, and she is a wonderful champion of all women, regardless of what choice they make.

I am honored by the review she provided for Motherhood - Is It For Me?, and I am very glad to have connected with this powerful speaker and writer.

You can read an excerpt of the review below:

“When you isolate your desire first, and then weigh it carefully against your personal circumstances, it’s easier to make your decision.” 

– Ann Davidman and Denise L. Carlini

A Must-Read Resource When Making the Motherhood Decision…or ANY Major Decision for that Matter

"For many women, the motherhood decision is a given. For some, the decision not to have children is just as clear. But for many of women – myself included – the motherhood decision is not so cut and dry.

In fact, I spent two decades struggling over whether or not I wanted to become a mom. In the end, life – and my choices – pretty much chose for me.

And as glad as I am that I ended up not taking the path of raising a child/ren, I could have saved myself an awful lot of time and energy…that was spent thinking about the decision, if the brilliant book, Motherhood: Is It For Me? Your Step by Step Guide to Clarity, had existed to help me work through the process of making a decision..." (Click to continue reading.)