Are Motherhood Clarity Coaches Needed? Ann Discusses with SheKnows.Com

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Writer Marshall Bright of freely admits that she had a lot of skepticism when she first started researching my Motherhood Clarity program. As a woman who has always known she wanted children, Marshall thought what A LOT of people think:

“Well, if you have to pay someone $300+ to figure it out, maybe you don’t want kids.”

But as we spoke, there was a crucial part of my coaching method that helped her — as she described it — “get it.” It was my effort to help women figure out their DESIRE before they make a DECISION.

“My knowing I wanted to be a mom is being aware of my desire, which is strong, but ultimately not the same as a decision. It is simply a kind of clarity that every woman, whatever they wind up doing, deserves to have.”

It’s fascinating to read from Marshall’s point of view how her understanding of the Motherhood Clarity program changed. Her original POV isn’t unique; it’s the same shared by many people who haven’t considered their internalized and — many times — unintended biases about women and motherhood.

Below is an excerpt and a link to the full article

This “Motherhood Clarity Coach” Helps Millennials Decide
Whether to Have Kids
By Marshall Bright


This is what people will tell you about deciding to have kids:

It’s the best thing you’ll ever do.

Just don’t do it.

There’s no good time so you have to jump.

If you’re not sure, it’s not for you.

And, to those who know they don’t want kids: You’ll change your mind.

But even with the endless stream of advice so often hurled at the partnered and childless, I was still skeptical when I found out there is such a thing as a “motherhood clarity coach.” Ann Davidman started working with women — those who weren’t sure whether they wanted kids — 25 years ago. Today, she runs an online course, both private and one-on-one, for those making that same decision.

When I started researching her, I’ll admit I even said out loud: “Well, if you have to pay someone $300+ to figure it out, maybe you don’t want kids.” (Click to continue reading.)