Ann Shares Her Personal Story

article motherhood resources Jun 26, 2017

I was honored to be part of Maryanne Pope's "Mothering Matters 2017" series, a series of blogs that looked at women who'd made a variety of decisions about motherhood and how those decisions affected their lives. I discovered Maryanne on Twitter through her fascinating documentary, Whatever Floats Your Boat…Perspectives on Motherhood, about a group of women floating on a houseboat for a weekend discussing whether or not they wanted to become mothers. It has been a joy becoming friends with her. 

Parts of Maryanne's story mirrors my own -- she became a widow before having the children that she thought she'd have with her husband. And deciding whether or not she wanted to be a mom on her own was a struggle. Because parts of our stories match, I thought I would share my personal story with her readers. 

You can read the excerpt of my story below:

Undecided about Motherhood? A Motherhood Clarity Mentor Shares Her Personal Story and Professional Advice on Making a Decision

"Thank you, Maryanne, for having the courage to produce the Whatever Floats Your Boat…Perspectives on Motherhood documentary.

If I’d been on the boat in 2005, I would’ve introduced myself as a 49-year-old, grief-stricken, childless widow whose husband died 3 years earlier—and who still wanted to have a family. My husband and I had been together only 4 years when he died. I loved him and we had plans to sail around the world with our children.

Two years into our marriage he was diagnosed with cancer and told he had 6 months to live. The plan was to get him well, have children, get our boat, and set sail. It was ok with me that our plan was delayed; I was an optimist and I “knew” without a shadow of doubt that he’d recover. It never occurred to me that after an 18-month battle he would succumb...." (Click to continue reading.)