Relaxation Exercises Using Pinterest

exercise guided visualization resources Feb 21, 2017

When your anxiety is running high or you’re feeling tortured because you can’t decide if or when you’re going to have children, sometimes the best thing to do is to distract yourself with something pleasant. Our brains don’t function well when we’re upset. Finding answers becomes harder when we’re tied up in knots.

I want to offer you a couple of relaxation exercises using my Pinterest page. Pinterest has become a great place for me to gather images that I find calming; I add new ones regularly.

First, take a look at the “Soothing Images” board. When you’re feeling out of sorts or can’t think clearly, look at the “soothing” board and stare at the images that you find relaxing. Continue to look at the images as you exhale, pushing out all of the air in your lungs. Allow your body to breathe in on it’s own. Repeat this breathing technique until you experience an internal reset. As you look at the image, you’ll feel yourself calming down. When you’re done, you’ll be more ready to face the problem at hand.

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Reflection Exercise


For this one, take a look at the “Reflections” board. This is soothing as well but I use this board as a reminder that our clarity is inside of us. Deciding whether to become a mother or have children is a decision that only can be addressed after you have the clarity of your desire. You have to know what you want before you can decide.

The clarity of your desire is inside of you.

The reflections board is a gentle reminder of that reality. Find an image that appeals to you, then look within yourself. Trust that you’ll discover your desire, that once you’ve discovered your desire, that then you can make a decision. If you try to figure out the clarity of your desire and make a decision at the same time you’ll never get a break from the angst. One has to precede the other.

Come back to the boards often; use them whenever you’re feeling stressed, anxious or overwhelmed. I hope they provide a calming break to your day and help strengthen your confidence — that you will find the answer that is right for you.

Discover more relaxing images on my Pinterest page.