How to Stay Grounded and Think Clearly During the Coronavirus

covid-19 exercise pandemic parenthood resources tools Apr 13, 2020

Parenthood indecision can cause so much anxiety and worry for people. When they come to me for help, we start by creating internal spaciousness for them. This internal breathing room allows people to relax a bit. It’s difficult to think clearly when you’re feeling panicked or afraid.

That is what we all need right now. In the face of a pandemic, we’re all looking for ways to feel grounded and think clearly.

In last week’s blog, Handling the Insecurity of Indecision During the Coronavirus, I discussed how you can use The Mantra© to create internal spaciousness. Today, I want to give you an exercise you can do to help you stay grounded, think clearly, and get a break from the fear and panic.

How to Stay Grounded and Think Clearly


Step One: The first place to start is to STOP.

Stop thinking about how your life has changed and how it will never be the same. Give your mind a rest. You’re not going to think your way out of this problem. This doesn’t mean it’s hopeless. But it’s okay to grieve what isn’t and what never got to be.


Step Two: Accept that you don’t know what is going to happen.

And stop trying to figure it out. Give your mind a break from the torture of not knowing how this is all going to play out. And stop talking about it or going over and over it, insistently and redundantly, with your family and friends. Don’t interview people. You’ll find peace and calm inside of you, not outside of you.


Step Three: Make a list of all your fears.

Also include all of the things that you keep thinking about. Then fold up that piece of paper and put it away in an envelope for a few months. You can’t put reality into an envelope, but doing this exercise can help you pause for a moment so you can breathe. Nothing has to be decided right now.


Step Four: Focus on what you do know will help ground you.

Make a list of what you do know for sure. List the obvious. For example: I know that I am loved, I have long hair, I’m funny, I love animals, I like who I am, I have a car, etc. This will help you redirect your mind. Also, think about two times in your life that you were certain you were going to be okay. Remember them and remember how they felt. Recall this feeling as often as you can.


Step Five: Make a journal entry dated one year from today.

Then pretend it is one year from now. Begin your entry with:

April 2021: As I look back on this past year, I am pleased to notice…

Then just write without thinking and see what comes to mind. After a day or two, take a look at it again to see if it feels good to read.

You can’t do this exercise too much. It will help create internal spaciousness and give your mind a rest from the worry. Happy clear thinking ahead!