Feeling Stuck? Discover 4 Ways to Re-Engage with the Parenthood Clarity Process

creating a safe place exercise guided imagery guided meditation guided visualization motherhood parenthood peace and calm resources tools Jul 12, 2022

Are you having trouble making a decision about parenthood? Maybe you’re working through the book I co-authored, Motherhood — Is It For Me?, and feeling stalled…

If so, you’re not alone! Many people find themselves stuck in the decision-making process. 

While each journey is different, you’re engaged in a deep process that will almost certainly transform your life. 

And although we want clarity quickly, this is not a forced process or one of overthinking to get what you need…It’s a journey of gradual unfolding.

Your clarity is already there. It’s just buried within you, usually underneath layers of conflicting ideas, opinions, projections from others, judgments from society, family, and more. 

Trusting your process — your individual process — is key to the unfolding...

I can tell you from decades of experience that you can’t do it wrong!

And, if you’re feeling stuck, that’s not wrong, either. 

If you’re working through the exercises in Motherhood — Is It For Me?, take a deep breath, and try these simple tips to jump back in with renewed energy.

(If you don’t have the book, you can grab it here.)

1. Skip an exercise.

No matter the reason you’re stuck, just move on. It’s perfectly fine to skip an exercise or the writing prompt, especially if it’s causing you to feel stuck. 

Move ahead to the next exercise or assignment. You can always return later to the exercise that stopped you in your tracks. Letting go of it and moving on will serve you better than staying stuck and trying to think your way out of it —  or worse, being mad at yourself for not completing it.

2. Pick up the book at least twice a week.

Becoming disconnected from the process is very easy if you only engage with Motherhood — Is It For Me? infrequently, for instance only weekly or bi-monthly. 

Be sure to engage with the book one way or another at least twice a week. For example, you might spend time reading once a week, and dedicate another block of time to working through the exercises.

3. Listen to a guided visualization.

Remember the book features access to 13 guided visualizations. My co-author Denise L. Carlini recorded them as they’re presented in the book. 

Going back to chapter one and listening to the first guided imagery called "Creating Comfort Within" may be enough to help you get back to the process.

You can also try these free meditations:

4. Consider engaging with my proven process in a whole new way in my Parenthood Clarity Courses.

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