Being Stuck Takes More Work Than You Think

parenthood resources Nov 15, 2016

How do you build momentum when you have felt stuck for so long? Though "stuck" sounds like a static state, it is actually an active state.

One actually has to stay engaged in being stuck.

Being stuck is a constant rehearsal of a thought that goes something like: “I’ll never figure this out. I’ve always had a hard time making decisions. I just can’t decide.” If you lose the thought or change the thought then something else has to happen. Try: “I’d like to know. I feel better when I know what is best for me. I can feel sad at times when I don’t know what to do. I think I’ll get help with this.”

Remember: No one chooses to be stuck or feel stuck for fun. People usually end up there through no fault of their own. Rehearsing something else in your mind is how you build momentum away from being stuck. It moves you one step closer to what you want -- feeling the breeze in your hair as you move forward.