Do you feel stuck when it comes to deciding whether or not to become a parent?  

Be guided step-by-step through Ann’s proven method
deepened through meditations, mentorship, and live teachings —
to uncover your inner truth and discover what’s right for you.

As you think deeply about whether to become a father, it can be hard to figure out what you actually want

Do you and your partner have different opinions about whether to
become parents?

Do you wonder what your life would look like with a family — and whether you can have the life you most want?

Perhaps deep down, you’re not sure whether you could be the kind of father you’d want to be.

Or maybe you feel that “you’re supposed to” want to become a parent or it’s what others expect from you…

Or you feel like you have to decide right now — and you’re worried you’ll make a decision, then regret it.

Not being able to decide if you want to be a father is more complex than your external circumstances.

Is the Fatherhood Clarity Course for You?


If you've ever wondered...

  • Whatever my partner wants will be fine with me. I can go either way!
  • I’m scared about never having time for myself and then resenting my child.
  • My partner wants children and I don’t, but I don’t want the relationship to end over this.
  • I’m an 'only son'. If I don’t have children the family name will end with me.
  • I’m afraid I’ll be like my father.
  • My parents want grandchildren.
  • We’ve decided to have children/live childfree. But I wish I felt more excited about that decision.
  • I never imagined I would not want children. But with the world as it is, now I think I want to live a childfree life and my partner wants children.
  • Everybody says I’d be a good father. Does that mean I have to be one?
You're in the right place.
As you’ll discover, there’s no correct answer — there’s only your answer.

How Will the Fatherhood Clarity Course Help You?

You'll learn how to:
  • Let go of external circumstances that cloud your decision
  • Stop fighting to figure out the answer
  • Let your truths reveal themselves
  • Navigate the program for your greatest benefit
You'll begin to understand:
  • The difference between present-time desires that help us make decisions and triggers rooted in the past
  • How those triggers keep us stuck in a longing state
  • When and where it has been difficult to speak your mind
  • How to create healthy boundaries in order to say, “No”
You'll begin to:
  • Heal past relationships without the involvement of the other person
  • Rewrite your experience to the past so you can move forward with a new future
  • Think about your family of origin from a new perspective
You'll get to experience:
  • The fantasies that drive either decision
  • Fears that plague you about either decision
  • Saying good-bye to what will never be and hello to what may be your future
You'll discover:
  • What your creative mind has in store for you
  • New and old internal resources
  • A gift that you'll always have with you
  • A symbol that represents the essence of you
  • How endings have impacted your life
We'll discuss:
  • What insights you gained
  • How to address what still needs your attention once you’ve completed the program
  • Any next steps you might need to take in order to make a conclusive decision

What You’ll Discover Over These Four Months of LIVE

Interactive Teaching and Q&A Sessions

In this 4-month transformational course, Ann Davidman will guide you, step-by-step, to arrive at the confident clarity you desire and deserve.

Ann has been helping women find their personal clarity since 1991, and has found that it takes about 4 months to delve into a comprehensive, in-depth exploration of the deep-rooted pressures and expectations associated with motherhood.

8 LIVE Interactive Sessions with Ann + 12 Weekly Digital Lessons

This is a rare opportunity to be gently guided step-by-step towards peace of mind — and a decision that’s right for you — as you’re mentored by the creator of the Motherhood Clarity Course™ during eight LIVE integrative group mentorship sessions with Ann and twelve weekly digital lessons that include teaching, handouts, and worksheets.

Interact with Ann on Live Streaming Video

Every other week, you’ll interact with Ann and your supportive community LIVE for in-depth teachings and interactive practices — full of opportunities for individual attention from Ann, and powerful insights you can apply right away.

Joining Ann online via live streaming video is easy — just use your phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer. You can also drop in using audio-only if you prefer.

And don’t worry if you can’t be there live — because all sessions are recorded so you can catch up anytime! You’ll receive access to audio recordings of each teaching session. You can refer to these sessions time and again to capture Ann’s teachings at a time and pace that works for your schedule.


Here’s What You’ll Receive When You Register for The Fatherhood Clarity Course

Eight 90-Minute Live Interactive Teaching Sessions with Ann

These eight group mentoring phone calls take place live every two weeks — and Ann will provide guidance on how to proceed through the book, Motherhood Is It For Me? You can email Ann your questions or post them to the course forum in advance so she can address them during the call.

Two 60-Minute Interactive Group Mentor Sessions

Two Additional Group Drop-in Office Hours with Ann (For Those Who Need It.)

Ann will be available for 60 minutes to answer any questions about an assignment or exercise. The “drop-in office hours” are strategically scheduled to support the participant process, offering an opportunity to meet weekly (for 4 weeks) with Ann as you move through your journey.

Audio Recordings of All Eight Live Sessions

After each session, the audio will be available via high-quality MP3. Should you miss a session, you can listen in and catch up at your convenience.

Recordings of All Narrated Guided Visualizations in the Book and Additional
Guided Visualizations & Exercises

As questions arise during the class mentorship sessions, Ann will provide additional resources and extra exercises to meet the needs of you and your fellow participants.

Support Tips From Ann

During the course, you’ll receive regular encouraging communication from Ann. These audio support tips will help you stay on task and keep you engaged in the process.

Additional Private Sessions at Reduced Hourly Rate

During the course, you can access private sessions with Ann for a discounted hourly rate.

Instant Access to These Exclusive Bonus Modules

Bonus Module #1: What it Means to Grieve
Bonus Module #2: The Mantra (Choosing Not to Know)
Bonus Module #3: Reclaiming Peace & Calm
Bonus Module #4: Halfway Through the Fatherhood Clarity Course, But Not Halfway to Your Desire
Bonus Module #5: What if the Program Ends & I Still Don’t Know
Bonus Module #6: Take a Moment & Go on Vacation

 In This Interactive Program, You'll:

  • Uncover what’s true for YOU and your desires about being a parent
  • Let go of overthinking and drop into inner knowing — and find relief from the anxiety of making this profound decision
  • Eliminate stress and inner conflict through simple exercises designed to build self-trust and confidence
  • Move toward a decision from a grounded and peaceful place, using techniques that have already helped thousands of men
  • Let go of external circumstances that cloud your decision
  • Stop fighting to figure out the answer and let your truths reveal themselves
  • Learn the difference between present-time desires that help you make decisions, and triggers rooted in the past
  • Explore how those triggers keep us stuck in a longing state
  • Discern when and where it’s been difficult to speak your mind
  • Discover your own internal resources and gifts, both old and new
  • Get clear on a symbol that represents the essence of you
  • Learn how to create healthy boundaries so you can say no when you need to — and understand where you end and other people begin.

$700 OFF!

$700 OFF!

Valued at $1997

Full Tuition $1597



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Valued at $1997

Full Tuition $1597



(Discount Applied)


Receive Four Months of Supportive, Expert Guidance With Ann to Discover if Fatherhood Is for You


The Fatherhood Clarity Course™ is based on the original groundbreaking program, Fatherhood — Is It For Me?™ co-created in 1991 by Ann Davidman and Denise L. Carlini. It's designed to assist you in reaching a deeper understanding of any ambivalence or neutrality you might feel so that you can take the next step.

Ann is not invested in whether or not you become a father. She’s invested in assisting you in an interactive group course format, so you can experience all of her wisdom as you arrive at the best decision for yourself.

Ann has spent countless hours listening to the heartache of men who, just like you, want to know they’re not broken — and who long for guidance toward answering their most life-defining question.

These men were not broken, and neither are you. With compassion and understanding, Ann will help you end the cycle of fatherhood indecision and move into a state of inner clarity...

You’ll feel empowered to confidently and lovingly say goodbye to what will never be, as you say hello to your future.


Psychotherapists Ann Davidman and Denise L. Carlini created the program, Motherhood — Is It For Me? in the San Francisco Bay Area in 1991 to provide a resource to women experiencing ambivalence about motherhood. So often, these women felt shame or judged about their indecision. Ann and Denise created support groups that allowed women to explore the issue free of judgment and discover their heart’s desire about whether they wanted to become mothers or live a childfree life. Ann and Denise led the groups together for 10 years.

In 2000, Ann Davidman began helping individual women and men find clarity about whether they wanted to be parents through her private psychotherapy practice in the San Francisco Bay area. She now offers her Motherhood Clarity Course™ and Fatherhood Clarity Course™ to individuals and groups in her online course.

Ann Davidman, MFT, is a licensed marriage and family therapist, Parenthood Clarity Mentor and author. She received her graduate degree from San Francisco State University and is a member of the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists (CAMFT). You can read more about Ann here.