Private One-on-One Motherhood Clarity Course

The Private One-On-One Motherhood Clarity Course is perfect for:

Women who prefer the privacy of working 1-on-1 with Motherhood Clarity Mentor Ann Davidman, as well as the convenience of scheduling sessions when it works for you.

Course Begins:
The private one-on-one course can begin as soon as we have an agreeable start date.

We will discuss the cost options when we speak.

This private course includes:


· 14 private sessions. Sessions are in person, via phone or via Skype; each one is 55 minutes.

· Flexible appointment scheduleWe will schedule times that fit into your life. 

· Weekly guided exercises followed by an in-depth exploration of your experience.

· Weekly writing explorations for you to do between sessions.

· A review of your writing, by me, before each session. We’ll go over your writing explorations together.  

· Customized assignments. I will provide you additional exercises designed to help you confront your particular situation.

· Recorded modules that you can listen to for additional support.

· Individual attention, more than can be given in a group setting.

· A family map. I will create a family map in order to see family-of-origin patterns and inescapable generational inheritance.


Knowing your truth is your birthright. It’s yours to be had. I’ll help you get there.

Interested in a Private 1-on-1 Course?

CONTACT ME for a free 20-minute "Get Clarity" session to see if the Private One-on-One course is a good fit for you and if so we'll find an agreeable start date.