Help Me Change How Women Ambivalent About Motherhood Are Treated at the Doctor's Office

I’ve been invited to speak at an American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) annual conference. I’m pleased to have this opportunity to help doctors understand their own implicit biases about motherhood, so that they may better serve women who struggle with motherhood indecision.

This is a dream come true for me because I’ve always believed this is where change can happen; for so many women, a doctor’s office is where they receive information about their fertility and contraception. Also, for many, this is the only place where women can talk about what they believe is taboo or even, what they may feel is downright shameful. Clearly, the OB-GYN office visit needs to be a safe place where a woman can get the message that: 

  • She has a choice about motherhood.

  • It’s okay and common to be ambivalent about it.

  • There are resources to help her figure it out.

Unfortunately for women ambivalent about motherhood or being childfree, our society's implicit pro-natalist biases can also affect their doctors and healthcare. My message at the ACOG conference can spearhead changes so that women get appropriate care and services for their needs. I’m looking forward to speaking with doctors and sharing best practices with them so that they may serve undecided women with high regard and fresh understanding.

I’d very much appreciate your input about your experience with your OB-GYN. Click here or the button below to take a 7-question survey; your answers will allow me to more fully understand what women currently face when they visit their OB-GYN. Feel free to skip any questions that are uncomfortable or do not apply. If you’re short on time, just answering the last question would contribute valuable insight. All information you provide is confidential.

Thank you for your contribution,